2014 Wrap Up – Saw Jockey Concrete Cutting – Salt Lake City, Utah

Three brick masons were working on different sections of the same project. While each was busily immersed in their work, each was asked, “What are you doing?”  Here were their replies:

“I’m laying brick” answered the first.

“I’m building a wall” replied the second.

“I’m raising a cathedral” responded the third.

What a difference perspective makes!!!

As we look back on 2014, Saw Jockey is proud to be a part of projects that aren’t simply “cutting concrete” but are creating opportunity for individuals, for communities, and for our state!  Here are a few that stand out to us:

  • Orem Water Treatment Plant – We literally sawcut the facility in half to make way for expanding the plant, in order to help quench the thirst of a growing Utah county.
  • SR 73 – As Utah grows, so does the need for its transportation infrastructure.  Saw Jockey was a regular contributor to integrating the new roadways with the existing ones.
  • Utah’s Hogel Zoo – The African Savanna expansion has seen Saw Jockey at the zoo regularly.  Upon completion, this expansion will give animals a more natural environment, and give the thousands of park visitors greater opportunities to appreciate the wonderful animals at the zoo
  • American International School of Utah/ K2: The Church – Saw Jockey helped transform the old 49th Street Galleria into a state of the art charter school that is impacting the future of hundreds of Utah children (including one of our employee’s kids).  On the weekends this facility will dual-purpose as a place of worship for thousands of our neighbors as K2: The Church moves in early 2015.
  • The Governor’s Mansion remodel – While protecting the history and workmanship of this iconic Utah building, Saw Jockey was able to work closely with the contractor to create new expansion opportunities as it is remodeled.
  • Not to give in to the red/blue split of Utah, Saw Jockey worked on both the BYU and the U of U campuses as they expanded and retrofitted their facilities.  Again, a great opportunity to impact Utah for years to come.

In addition to these “public” projects, we count it an honor to be invited into a myriad of homes to help Utah’s growing families:

  • enlarging basement windows to comply with egress codes for new bedrooms,
  • core drilling holes for dryer vents, cold storage ventilation, or radon mitigation,
  • expanding driveway access, and
  • helping to solve drainage issues.

While located in Salt Lake City, we’ve served Utah customers from Brigham City to Cedar City, from Tooele to Kamas, and all points between (in addition to projects in Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming).

Merry Christmas and best wishes to you and yours this holiday season.

Please contact Saw Jockey Concrete Cutting of Salt Lake City, Utah if you have questions about a concrete cutting or core drilling need.  We are committed to giving our customers excellent quality work in a timely fashion at a reasonable price.


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