An Impossible Job

At Saw Jockey our trusted name is what we have built our company upon. We go above and beyond for every customer we serve no matter the size of the job. At the end of the day we need to make sure we take care of each customer as if they are the last one we will ever have the pleasure of serving.

For one of our customers we really showed how we continually go above and beyond. This particular customer needed a hole for an air duct to be cut out of their concrete foundation in one of the most awkward spots. The vinyl siding on their house almost cam to meet the ground and there was only inches of room between the last of the vinyl siding and the ground for a hole to be cut through the concrete. Not to mention the customers’ house also had an overhang that was only a couple of feet off the ground.

Most concrete cutting companies would not even think of taking on such a job as the impossibility of cutting the right size hole in the exact spot the customer needed it would cost many companies more money to get the job done than they would be able to charge. We were able to solve the problem of cutting the hole for the air duct in the customers’ foundation in a timely manner and still charge them a fair price. The customer ended up very happy and we moved on to our next job knowing we had made our customers day.

At Saw Jockey we use all of our experience on many of our jobs. One of the best parts of doing our job is that we have a new challenge put in front of us every single day and no two jobs have ever been exactly the same. We work with the customer in mind and have a drive to always find a solution.

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