Avoid These “Do It Yourself” Mistakes by Calling an Expert First!

So, you couldn’t hold back, and you started a concrete project all by yourself. You saw an opportunity to stretch your muscles in handy house work and then it happened. Everything was going fine until you take a step back and see that you made a mistake. Not just a little mistake, but a BIG mistake. A mistake that makes your entire sidewalk lop sided, or perhaps a section of driveway is higher than the other. And, of course, at this point it’s completely finished and there is no going back. Projects dealing with concrete aren’t only difficult but also dangerous. Here are common mistakes that are made and that can be avoided by simply calling the professionals:

  • Not using a Vice to keep the materials down. You need both hands to run heavy equipment and you can’t run a heavy duty tool and hold materials down at the same time. Our professionals use the proper equipment to make the project safe for themselves and the customer. One of these tools is called a ‘Vice.’ It effectively holds materials down while our technicians expertly handle the blade.
  • Drill Speed. Our professionals know exactly how quickly to drill for each project and at what time in the project. Armatures tend to think faster is better, not in this case it’s not. Never use dangerous equipment on higher speeds just to get the job done faster when in a hurry!
  • Safety. Safety. SAFETY! For many people, they think they are taking the correct precautions in safety. But, if you’re not familiar with the job like a professional is you’re bound to miss something and someone could potentially get hurt. We know all the rules of safety in the industry, follow them to a T and then some. To ensure that safety precautions are the highest priority.

Now, that your inner ‘do it yourselfer’ is scared and confused, think twice about the demands of your current project and if it’s really something that you can handle by yourself. Often times, if industrial grade cutting is needed it’s not. Call the professionals who have the best understanding of these tools and processes.

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