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We recently finished a job at a local recreation center which cost our customer $8447.75.  Our original estimate of what the work would cost was $8296.  We were off by $151.75 which is a whopping 1.8% difference.

We don’t know about you but 1.8% got us VERY excited.  It was a huge validation that the details we received about the job before beginning were accurate and thus, a good projection made.

When calling in a project, here are details that you can give us that will help us give you a good estimate:

  • Job Location
  • Date job needs to be completed
  • How payment will be made – Cash/Check, Credit Card or through an account (this needs to be set up beforehand)?  Paying with a credit card is 4% higher than the cash/check price.
  • How close can our 26,000 lb truck (picture a U-Haul truck fully loaded) get to the farthest portion of the job?
  • Can our truck park on the driveway?
  • Is the work space finished or unfinished /new construction or remodel?
  • Can we reach the project without going through finished space?
  • What specifically needs to be done?
  • How many of each item?
  • What is the material needed to be cut (concrete, asphalt, CMU, brick, stone . . .)?
  • Is the cutting to be done on a wall or a slab?
  • If the cutting is on a wall, how high off the ground is the bottom/top of the cut?
  • If we are working above 4’, what kind of floor surface is there?
  • How thick is the material to be cut? (this often gets overlooked but is a HUGE factor in pricing the project)
  • Is the layout done (we do not do layout).
  • If the cut will be below the surface of the exterior grade, have you excavated yet (we typically need 1’ around the cut and 4’ back from the cut)?
  • What do you want to do with the concrete once it is cut?  We can leave it whole or jack hammered.  We can also remove it.

When scheduling a job, we will also need:

  • Job contact’s name
  • Company with (if applicable)
  • Phone number
  • Credit Card info – unless you have an account, Saw Jockey requires a credit card to be on file for us to schedule the work.  We will not run it if you pay with cash or a check at the time of service.

Please contact Saw Jockey Concrete Cutting of Salt Lake City, Utah if you have questions about a concrete cutting or core drilling need.  We are committed to giving our customers excellent quality work in a timely fashion at a reasonable price.

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