Man Cutting Concrete on a Roof

Saw Jockey Concrete Cutting began in the commercial and industrial remodeling industry. From day one, our motto, “Getting it done safely!” has guided us. We take pride in creating custom solutions to the many unique challenges that commercial and civil projects have. We often find ourselves telling people, “If it can be cut safely, we can cut it.”

We offer the following concrete solutions to our commercial, industrial, transportation and civil clients:

  • Flat sawing interior and exterior concrete slabs.
  • Flat sawing asphalt roadways and parking lots
  • Wall sawing new openings for doors, windows, and vents
  • Core drilling new openings for plumbing, electrical heating and cooling applications
  • Core drilling slabs for handrail installation
  • Wire sawing for large/thick material, limited access conditions, solid steel/heavily reinforced material, etc.
  • Grinding floors to prepare for new surfaces
  • Demolition preparation – isolating what is to be removed from what is being retained
  • Sewer and manhole modifications

Two Men Working on Underground Pipe

We are committed to giving our customers excellent quality work in a safe and timely fashion at a reasonable price.

If you have something in mind that is not listed above, please contact us.