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Driveway Approach Extension

Driveway approach extension needed to allow access to the RV pad

Adding a RV pad?

Expanding your driveway?

Putting in a new driveway?





When doing any of the above, modifying your existing curb by adding or expanding the existing approach becomes an issue.

Here are some of the issues that you will want to address:

  • Curbs are usually city property.  You may need to talk to the city about making changes.

  • While talking to the city, ask them about the maximum width of the approach and the length of the wing (the portion of the curb that slopes up from the approach level to the height of the existing curb).  Each city has different rules on the width/length of these.

  • While some concrete cutting companies cut approaches from the street side of the curb, Saw Jockey Concrete Cutting cuts from the back side.  This enables the slope of the approach to be toward the street/gutter.  This is ideal for water flow.  Cutting from the street side often means the slope is toward the driveway.  This can cause water to flow back toward the joint between the curb and the approach and cause problems down the road.

IMG_0836 IMG_0837 IMG_0838 IMG_0842


  • To prepare for your curb to be cut, we require this preparation:

    • For an entirely new approach, please mark on the curb where you want the approach to begin and end.  Make sure you include the wings.  Thus there will be 4 marks: where the wing starts, where the approach starts, where the approach ends and where the wing ends.

    • If you are extending your approach, please mark where the new approach should end and where the wing should end.

    • For either (new or extension), to be cut from the backside, we need the area to be excavated 1’ below the height of the curb and 3’ back.  If you are pouring in a new concrete section after the curb is cut, you will need to do this anyway.

    • In existing driveways, the concrete slab where the existing wing is will need to be removed so the new approach and wing can be poured in.  Saw Jockey Concrete Cutting can cut and remove that section as well.

    • If there is an existing sidewalk directly behind the curb, Saw Jockey Concrete Cutting can break (and remove if desired) the sidewalk in preparation for the curb cut. Again, talk to the city about doing this as sidewalks are theirs.   Also, these additions add to the cost of the project.

    • Once the approach is cut, you will need to arrange with a concrete company to pour in a new approach.  Saw Jockey Concrete Company does not form or pour new concrete.

 Please contact Saw Jockey Concrete Cutting of Salt Lake City, Utah if you want to schedule an approach cut or if you have other questions about a concrete cutting or core drilling need.  We are committed to giving our customers excellent quality work in a timely fashion at a reasonable price.


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