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Here is what concrete grinding can do to a raised slab.

Fall is in the air and this often brings a new focus to the types of jobs our residential customers bring us.  Here are a few “Fall Cutting” ideas you may want to consider:

  • Concrete Grinding – Whether it is caused by frost heaves, tree roots or drainage issues, concrete slabs can raise or fall and create an uneven surface.  This can be an annoyance (only being able to snow blow in one direction) or a hazard (tripping).  Saw Jockey Concrete cutting can help alleviate this issue by grinding the uneven concrete to create a more gradual transition between slabs.  Most residential slabs are 4” thick.  If the difference between slabs is more than 1”, grinding can be both cost prohibitive and damaging to the slab’s integrity.  This brings us to our next “fall cutting.”

  • Slab sawing – If the difference between the slabs is too great, it may be necessary to repour the slabs, or a portion of the slabs. Saw Jockey Concrete Cutting can cut them to create a clean joint between the existing slab and the new pour.  We can also remove the concrete.


A trip waiting to happen

Here is a common trip hazard due to concrete being raised or settled due to roots, frost heaves or drainage issues.

Not much hope for grinding here!!!

When a slab has raised this much, grinding isn’t really a good option. It is better to remove the adjacent slabs and repour the concrete. If there is a cold joint between the slabs (a joint between two different concrete pours), you won’t typically need the concrete to be cut. If there are only control joints (joints that only go down 1″ or less), the concrete may need to be cut to give a clean break.

No matter the season, Saw Jockey Concrete Cutting can (and will) do any concrete cutting, grinding or drilling job you need done (as long as it can be done safely).  Please contact us if you have questions about a job or would like a free quote.  We are committed to giving our customers excellent quality work in a timely fashion at a reasonable price.


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  1. Wow, I didn’t know that concrete cutting was done to prevent sidewalk hazards. I have been known to trip on uneven concrete every now and then. Knowing that there is a process that can smooth at the concrete and make it safe for my clumsy tendencies would be a relief.

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