Slurry – Saw Jockey Concrete Cutting – Salt Lake City, Utah

When concrete is cut, water is used to cool and lubricate the saw blade or drill bit.  This creates “slurry” (a mixture of water and cut concrete).  Depending on where the cutting is done (inside or outside, finished or unfinished spaces), we can provide as much, or as little, “water/slurry control” as desired (letting it drain into the soil outside, using a shop vac to get the majority of it off a floor, or putting plastic up all around it to have maximum protection).  With more control comes more prep time and thus increases the cost of the project.

Note: when using a shop vac, there will still be a residue of the concrete dust after the area dries.  This should be cleaned with a dry broom ( a wet mop or broom will simply spread it).


Slurry created while sawing a trench in a slab. In this situation the slurry is often squeegeed into the trench.

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