The Many Faces of Concrete Cutting

Concrete is one of the most widely used and essential building materials in the world. Usually, no matter what other materials are used on a building project, concrete is at the foundation of the project. Because of this critical application, professional concrete cutting is a big part of any successful building endeavor. Any residential or commercial remodeling or restoration starts with assessing the concrete foundation. Often the concrete needs to be cut, replaced, or reinforced.

Concrete Cutting Projects

You may not realize it, but virtually any project on the exterior of your home or business will involve some concrete work. From lot boundary adjustments and surface replacements to adding an addition or even a pool, the concrete work is essential to the integrity of the entire project. This is why it is so important to choose a reputable concrete cutting company for the job.

Concrete cutting requires experience, specialized saws, and a high level of precision. Grinding, slab sawing, curb sawing, wall sawing, and even core drilling are all aspects of restoration projects that necessitate a company with decades of experience. At Saw Jockey we’re specialists in all of these areas. With nearly 20 years of expertise we’ve handled everything from civil roadway utility upgrades to laying patio slabs.

The Importance of Comprehensive Cutting

Concrete cutting and installation is more than just cutting, trenching, and reinforcing. A professional job require comprehensive project planning, execution, and cleanup. Saw Jockey offers all three. We are comprehensive concrete cutters who provide project planning, demolition, restructuring, and even material hauling when the work is done. We believe in helping you every step of the way.

Wherever your project ambitions take you, it all starts with a good foundation. Don’t trust your concrete work to anyone but the best. Quality concrete cutting, drilling, and setting will make all of the difference in the final product. We use specialized flat saws and core drills to execute the most complete, efficient restoration possible. The next time you’re planning a renovation, remember that it all begins with the concrete work.

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