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Concrete Drilling (a.k.a. Core Drilling) vs Cement Drilling

Concrete Sawing vs Concrete Cutting

Various terms float around the concrete cutting industry and, being the smart people we are :-), we can typically decipher them pretty well. However, to offer our customers an instructional tidbit, here is the big difference:

Cement (most commonly Portland cement) is the powder that mixes with water to create a paste that holds aggregates (e.g., sand, gravel or crushed stone) together as it hardens (the technical word for the hardening is “cures”).

Concrete is the hardened finished product of the above mixture.

Core Drilling is the industry term for putting a round opening into concrete.  We call it this because when the hole is finished, a concrete “core” is removed from the opening.  See our blog post on “Core Drilling” – http://sawjockey.com/core-drilling-saw-jockey-concrete-cutting-salt-lake-city-utah/

“Concrete Sawing” and “Concrete Cutting” are pretty much interchangeable. The national organization that promotes “best practices” in the concrete modification industry is the “Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association” (and Saw Jockey Concrete Cutting is a member of this organization).  In the field, “concrete cutting” is what most people use.

No matter what you call it, Saw Jockey Concrete Cutting can do any concrete cutting, concrete sawing, cement cutting, cement sawing, concrete drilling, core drilling, or cement drilling job you need done (as long as it can be done safely :-).  Please contact us if you have questions about a job or would like a free quote.  We are committed to giving our customers excellent quality work in a timely fashion at a reasonable price.

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  1. Hi Sawjockey,

    You have a great post! Everyone in this kind of industry is confused about these terms. You did very will in explaining and differentiating these terms. Thanks to you. Keep posting articles.

  2. One of the coolest things to watch is concrete get cut in half. It was at my last job and it was something that we had to do ever single day. I’m grateful for amazing technology that allows us to do that and build up society a lot quicker.

    • Thanks for the reply! We like concrete cutting too! A favorite for us is pushing out new concrete openings in walls. Very fun!

  3. Thank you for this explanation. We need some concrete cutting done, but I was having a hard time communicating what I needed because I didn’t know the proper terms. Is concrete cutting what is done when removing slabs of concrete/ Thanks again for the information!

    • We are glad this gave you some vocabulary to communicate more precisely!!!

      While concrete cutters can, and do, remove slabs, a demolition contractor is also an option for a big job (or a combo of the two – a concrete cutting contractor to separate what you want to keep from what you want to remove and a demolition contractor for removal).

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